Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I wash this bedding?

A: Use a "free & clear" detergent or 1 cup of white vinegar as the detergent. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The idea is not to coat the sheets with any sort of residue, but otherwise you launder as usual. 


Q: How do you clean grounding mats?

A: Grounding mats are not meant to be machine washed so you just wipe them with a clean cloth and water. 


Q: How do you set up the product for the first use?

A: Attach the button end of the cord to the button on the grounding product. Then plug the grounding post end into the grounding port of a standard electrical outlet. There is really only one place where the grounding post will fit, but for removal of any doubt, see below:

Where to plug in grounding products on an outlet


Q: Can I wear pajamas to bed when I use this?

A: Sure. Grounding sheets and pillowcases are intended to be in direct contact with your skin but that could be your hands, face, feet, etc. So you can sleep naked if you want to but don't blame us, that's...totally up to you...


Q: How far do I need to drive the grounding stake into the ground?

A: Only as far as necessary for it to be secure and not move. Any contact with the soil allows the grounding to work, so there's no need to drive it all the way into the ground. 


Q: Can I put the sheets over a grounding mat?

A: Yes, this is one configuration that eliminates the need for the cord on the sheets. The mat is always on the bed and the sheets ensure conductance, but because the mat is plugged in and grounded, the cord from the sheets is unnecessary. You don't need to use both. The same is true of the pillowcases. 


Q: Will the sheets fit my deep mattress?

A: The sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses up to 13" in depth. If you have a deeper mattress than that, a grounding mat is a better bet.


Q: Where are these products made?

A: We are currently investigating sourcing from other countries, but currently all products are made in China. It's difficult to find certified organic cotton grounding sheets made elsewhere, especially for any sort of reasonable price.


Q: When will my size be in stock?

A: Any given size is rarely out of stock for more than a couple of weeks. Our site runs out of stock before Amazon, which is why we added the "Buy with Prime" button to our site. Using that will allow you to buy them down to the last unit and new arrivals show up there first as well. 


Q: What is the percentage of silver fiber in your sheets?

A: The sheets contain 5% silver fiber. The fiber itself is composed of 18%-22% silver, with the rest being nylon for durability. 


Q: Can this be used with a heated mattress pad?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you deliver to my country?

A: Our products are currently only available in the United States and Canada. They are available in Canada only via Amazon. 


Q: Does my outlet need to be grounded first?

A: Yes! If your outlet isn't properly grounded then the product won't work and if it's really improperly wired it could be dangerous, so always test your outlet with an outlet tester prior to using grounding products. 


Q: I just bought a sheet, does it come with a pillowcase?

A: No. Each item is separate unless you purchased a bundle.


Q: Can I put this sheet under my existing sheet?

A: That is not ideal. Grounding sheets are meant to replace your fitted sheet, though you could keep your flat sheet. If you want to do that, use a grounding mattress pad instead. 


Q: Can I plug it into a surge protector or extension cord?

A: Yes, the grounding ports on those just extend the grounding port of your outlet but function the same way. 


Q: Does wearing jewelry affect the performance of the grounding product?

A: No.


Q: Does the sheet/pillowcase/mat come with a cord?

A: Yes, all products come with the cord. 


Q: Does the product come with a grounding stake or outlet tester?

A: No, just the product and the cord.


Q: Do these products emit EMF?

A: No, they don't consume any electricity at all and they just ground you to the earth outside. In fact, some people use them to mitigate EMFs.