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Will the effects of grounding be immediate?

Possibly, but probably not. Some users do report immediate benefits but many others require a period of regular use before they experience any benefits. 

Why do you recommend using a fitted sheet?

Several reasons:
- It stays put on the bed and doesn’t end up wadded at the foot of the bed no matter how much you toss and turn
- When the bed is made you don’t see it, so it doesn’t have to visually match your other sheets
- Your body stays in contact with it all night

Are grounding products safe?

As long as they are used correctly, yes. They are designed to mimic the effects of your bare feet touching the earth, which is a pretty safe activity. They do use your home’s electrical system to do this, but only the grounding wire which carries no electricity from the grid, it just connects to the ground outside (if properly wired).

Do you sell other sizes of grounding sheets?

We currently sell only standard King and Queen size sheets. The reason for this is simply demand from our customers. Most people have either a Queen or King sized bed. We used to sell Full size sheets but purchases were quite rare, there just isn’t much demand for other sizes. 

How do you wash or care for the grounding sheets?

For the most part, like any other sheets you have. However, it will extend the useful life of your grounding sheets if you wash them on a gentle cycle and using detergents that don’t leave any residue. Detergents that leave a residue will build up on the sheets and hamper the conductivity of the silver fibers, reducing or destroying the grounding abilities over time. We launder ours using white vinegar. It’s a good and cheap cleaning agent that does not build up and is gentle on the fabric.