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Does Earthing Work for Pain?

Grounding has gained attention for its potential for managing pain and promoting overall well-being. By examining the effects of grounding techniques, such as the use of grounding mats, on various pain-related conditions, including muscle soreness, exercise-induced injury, and chronic pain, we can gain insights into the health implications and potential benefits of earthing.

Let's understand the impact of grounding on pain perception, inflammation, and the body's response to exercise and pressure, and uncover how this natural practice may contribute to pain management and enhance overall physical and emotional well-being.


Does Earthing Help With Pain?

Yes, there is scientific evidence that earthing techniques have the ability to reduce pain and improve physical function. Grounding the body to the earth's natural electrical charge has been found to stabilize physiology, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Check the evidence below.


Evidence Rating: Moderate



The overall rating is considered moderate due to the accumulating evidence suggesting the potential benefits of earthing for pain relief. While the studies presented demonstrate positive results, it is important to note the limited number of studies, specifically focusing on pain and the need for more extensive research to strengthen the evidence base.



  1. Pain Reduction: The studies indicate that earthing techniques can help reduce pain. Participants experienced improvements in pain levels and physical function when grounded. 
  2. Improved Quality of Life: Grounding has enhanced various aspects of well-being, including decreased fatigue, improved mood, less stress, and increased energy levels. These improvements contribute to an overall better quality of life for individuals dealing with pain. 
  3. Support from Healthcare Professionals: The inclusion of grounding techniques in healthcare practices, such as massage therapy, further supports its effectiveness in pain management and overall health.


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  1. Limited Studies: While notable studies highlight the benefits of earthing for pain, the number of studies specifically focused on pain relief remains limited. More research is needed to further establish the efficacy of earthing for different types of pain. 
  2. Diverse Pain Conditions: The existing studies cover a range of pain conditions, making it necessary to conduct specific studies targeting different types of pain to provide more comprehensive insights. 


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Scientific Studies

Grounding techniques have been the subject of several scientific studies examining their effects on pain relief and overall well-being.

These studies have shed light on the potential benefits of grounding in managing pain, improving circulation, reducing anxiety, alleviating tension and swelling, and promoting better blood flow. Here are some key findings:

One study (1) investigated the effects of grounding after moderate eccentric contractions. The results showed that grounding reduced pain and muscle damage compared to a sham-grounded group.

The grounded group also exhibited improvements in circulation, suggesting a positive impact on blood flow and overall healing processes. These findings indicate that grounding may contribute to pain reduction and enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms.


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Another study (2) focused on massage therapists, a group prone to health issues related to their profession. The researchers found that grounding significantly improved physical function, energy levels, and mood while reducing fatigue, depressed mood, tiredness, and pain among the participants.

These improvements in pain and overall well-being suggest that grounding techniques can be valuable in addressing tension, anxiety, and the negative impact of pain on daily life.

Furthermore, research has highlighted the role of grounding in modulating the body's inflammatory response (3). Grounding has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, which can contribute to pain and discomfort. By promoting better blood flow and circulation, grounding may aid in the improvement of pain symptoms and provide a more comfortable experience.

These studies collectively demonstrate the potential of grounding techniques in improving pain management. By establishing a connection with the earth's electric charge, grounding appears to have systemic effects on the body, enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation, and facilitating a better healing process.

Further research is warranted to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms underlying these effects and to explore the optimal ways to incorporate grounding techniques into pain management strategies.

It is also best to consult with healthcare professionals, such as pain specialists or physical therapists, to tailor an individualized treatment plan that includes grounding techniques.


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While further research is needed to establish the full extent of earthing's healing effects on pain relief, the existing evidence suggests that grounding techniques hold promise in reducing pain and improving overall well-being.

By connecting the body to the earth's natural electric charge and facilitating the flow of electrons, grounding has also shown positive effects on inflammation, physical function, and mood. 

Incorporating earthing practices as part of a comprehensive treatment approach may provide people with additional tools for managing pain, improving the effect of conventional treatments, and promoting overall health and well-being. 

Further studies are warranted to explore the specific mechanisms of action and the applicability of earthing in different pain conditions and disease prevention.



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