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GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet

GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet

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  • Certified Organic Cotton Sheets
  • Woven with Highly Conductive Silver Fiber
  • Comes with 15-Foot Universal Grounding Cord
  • 400 Thread Count

Treat yourself to a deep, luxurious sleep tonight!

Improve Your Sleep
Sleeping with our original GroundLuxe bed sheets will ground you to the earth's energy so you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of grounding. Fabric woven with a conductive silver grid reduces fatigue caused by exposure to electronics and other sources of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. It's one of the easiest ways to get grounded and get your rest!

The Cable is the Key
Our sheets include a grounding cable designed to plug into the grounding port ONLY (one prong) of your wall outlet, connecting you to the earth while you sleep. The connection of the sheet to the cable is a simple button-style connector for ultimate simplicity. It is also 15 feet long so that it can reach a nearby outlet. 

Premium Materials
This grounding sheet is crafted from a premium blend of 400 thread count, high-quality, soft, washable, and natural cotton thread embedded with a conductive anti-static metal mesh check pattern made of silver. The sheets do not use electricity.

Enjoy the Benefits of Grounding
Many people report positive benefits like deeper, better quality sleep, less stress, more energy, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, relief of muscle headaches and muscle tension, reduced menstrual symptoms, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and a natural feeling of wellness, calm and balance. 

If you’re looking at other grounding products like pads, mats or other grounding sleep kits or products for your bedding, why not just use a fitted sheet? It fits your bed exactly and stays in constant contact with your body, unlike a blanket. This product is intended to go over the mattress pad and be in direct contact with your body, just like any other grounding pad or mat.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
If for any reason our product does not work for you, we offer customers a 60-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We allow so much time because we don't want you to have any anxiety about getting your return in. Just let us know, and we'll arrange for a replacement or a refund.

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