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Can Grounding Cause Headaches?

Grounding or earthing connects us to the Earth's natural energies, with many reporting benefits like reduced stress and improved sleep. But does this practice ever lead to headaches?

Can Grounding Cause Headaches?

No substantial evidence exists that grounding causes headaches. Reports often suggest it helps alleviate them, contributing to pain relief.

Evidence Rating: MODERATE


The rating for grounding's impact on headaches is MODERATE due to limited research and positive testimonials. While a few studies and personal accounts suggest grounding may alleviate headache symptoms, the lack of direct scientific evidence on this issue necessitates further investigation to draw more definitive conclusions.



  • The moderate rating reflects the lack of direct, comprehensive research addressing
  • grounding and headaches, highlighting the need for more targeted studies.
  • Individual experiences with grounding can vary, highlighting the importance of personal experimentation and consulting healthcare professionals to ensure beneficial effects.


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Scientific Evidence on Grounding and Headache Relief

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The concept of grounding for pain relief, which may encompass headache alleviation, has been a subject of interest within the medical community. An observational study from the University of Basrah College of Medicine reported that after 1–3 days of grounding, most COVID-19 patients saw improvements in various symptoms, including headaches. This study points to grounding's possible role in inflammatory and pain-related conditions (1).

Additionally, a selective evidence-based medicine review by the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine assessed the impact of grounding on the subjective experience of pain (2). The review, which analyzed multiple studies, found that grounding reduced pain in some cases. However, one study showed no significant difference between the grounded and placebo groups. This mixed outcome suggests that while grounding may promise pain relief, more extensive research is needed to confirm its efficacy, particularly for headaches.

The article "Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Strategies Should Include Earthing (grounding): Review of Research Evidence and Clinical Observations" presents grounding as a method with wide-ranging benefits. It notes that individuals report better health, mood, appearance, and less pain. Especially for those with chronic conditions, grounding emerges as a simple, often rapidly practical approach (3).

Complementing these studies, testimonials from the Earthing Institute's website offer personal accounts of how grounding has helped individuals with their headaches. For example, a man noted immediate relief from a headache after grounding for about 20 minutes. CM from South Hadley mentioned that grounding helped alleviate "stress headaches" and neck tightness. A delivery service worker shared that grounding helped relieve pain from a stress headache within 30 minutes. These stories, while anecdotal, suggest a trend where individuals experience relief from various types of headaches through grounding practices (4).

Addressing whether grounding leads to headaches, evidence predominantly revealed that it's more likely to offer relief than cause discomfort. Despite the promising anecdotes and some supportive studies, comprehensive scientific evidence is still developing, highlighting the need for further detailed research.


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Grounding, achievable through direct contact with the Earth or using specific tools, including mats, emerged as a promising method for managing headaches; more research and recommended practices from healthcare professionals are required to integrate it fully into holistic health approaches.


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