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Can Earthing Boost Metabolic Health?

Grounding, or earthing, involves touching the Earth's surface and positively impacts health. Recently, there's been interest in whether this practice can also positively affect our metabolism. Let's look at the evidence to see if earthing affects metabolic health.


Can Earthing Boost Metabolic Health?

Yes, earthing can boost metabolic health. Grounding connects us with the Earth and has been found to support the body's metabolic processes effectively.


Evidence Rating: Moderate



The evidence we have now gives earthing a MODERATE rating when it comes to improving metabolic health. This suggests that there is potential for earthing to positively impact our metabolism, but we still need more comprehensive studies to paint a clearer picture of how earthing influences our metabolic health.






  • General Health Boost: Earthing has been linked to several health perks like improved heart function, smoother blood flow, and less thick blood. These benefits indirectly help our metabolism by ensuring our body gets oxygen and nutrients more efficiently.
  • Metabolism Support: Some evidence suggests earthing might help increase our basal metabolic rate—the calories we burn at rest.


  • Focused Research Needed: The studies often look at earthing's broad health impacts, with fewer zeroing in on metabolism specifically. We need more detailed research to understand precisely how earthing influences metabolic health.
  • Individual Differences: It's crucial to recognize that the effects of earthing can vary significantly from person to person. Factors such as the method of practice, overall lifestyle, and existing health conditions can all influence the outcomes. Therefore, it's challenging to predict precisely how earthing will work for each individual.


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Scientific Evidence


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Laura Koniver's study presents over twenty-five years of medical research supporting the health benefits of grounding (1). Connecting with the Earth, it turns out, does more than improve our immediate sense of well-being; it significantly affects our body's metabolic functions. Grounding increases heart rate variability and enhances blood flow through our tissues, making it less thick and more efficient.

These changes are crucial for our metabolism, enhancing how our body uses and stores energy. Moreover, grounding's effect on reducing inflammation and supporting immune function indirectly benefits our metabolic health, addressing conditions that range from thyroid imbalances to adrenal fatigue.

The Molecular Impact of Grounding by Oschman, Chevalier, and Brown takes a closer look at how grounding affects our body at a molecular level. They explain that grounding fills up the body's electron stores, vital for fighting inflammation and oxidative stress—two factors that directly influence metabolic health. Grounding controls inflammation, ensuring our metabolism works well, from turning food into energy to getting nutrients where needed. The study shows grounding as essential for metabolic health, stressing how it helps the body heal and stay balanced (2).

As mentioned in a post by Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, Sokal and Sokal provide compelling evidence of earthing's impact on metabolism through their detailed examination of how grounding affects essential minerals and proteins in the body (3). Their findings reveal that grounding during sleep leads to significant and beneficial changes in blood and urine concentrations of potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and albumin. These shifts indicate an overall improvement in endocrine and nervous system functions—critical components of a healthy metabolism.

The study underscores grounding's potential as a simple, effective tool for enhancing metabolic health, offering hope for those managing conditions like diabetes, a prevalent metabolic disorder.

These studies collectively establish grounding as a beneficial practice for metabolic health. It enhances blood circulation, lowers inflammation, and regulates vital minerals, significantly aiding the body's metabolic activities. As research progresses, the link between touching the Earth and our well-being becomes clearer, making grounding an effective, easy-to-access way to boost metabolic functions.



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