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Does Earthing Support Skin Health?

Exploring natural health practices reveals intriguing methods like earthing, which connects our bodies directly to the Earth's nurturing energies. This simple yet profound act has been studied for its numerous health benefits, including for our skin.

Imagine enhancing skin health, boosting repair, and improving appearance by reconnecting with nature. As we check the evidence from limited but promising studies, let's learn how this grounding practice could possibly help give a radiant complexion and improve overall skin vitality.

Does Earthing Support Skin Health? 


Based on the current evidence, which is limited yet promising, earthing supports skin health by enhancing blood flow, aiding tissue repair, and improving skin appearance. However, the research is in its early stages, and further studies are required to definitively conclude earthing's efficacy in skin health support.

Evidence Rating: Weak to Moderate 

While promising, the current evidence on earthing's impact on skin health falls into a weak to moderate category. There are limited studies, and most include small participant groups. More comprehensive research is needed to establish earthing's role in promoting skin health.


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  • Potential to improve facial blood circulation and skin appearance.
  • May enhance wound healing and keratinocyte recovery.
  • Offers a natural, accessible method for supporting skin health.


  • Limited research with small participant numbers.
  • Need more studies to establish definitive benefits.


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Scientific Evidence 

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A study published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences, and Applications reveals significant findings on how grounding affects facial blood circulation (1). By directly contacting the Earth, participants demonstrated improved blood flow regulation in the facial area. This study opens potential pathways for enhancing skin tissue repair and improving facial aesthetics, underlining the importance of natural grounding techniques in skincare routines.

Researchers Jeremy Madvin and Madiha Khalid take a unique approach by examining the synergistic effects of localized grounding and conductive skincare products on enhancing traditional skincare results. The findings suggest that grounding fosters a healthier blood flow conducive to better nutrient absorption by the skin and contributes to more effective skin repair and rejuvenation (2). This study suggests grounding can be added to skincare protocols, potentially revolutionizing approaches to skin health and maintenance.

Just last year, in August 2023, Dr Koniver and colleagues studied the benefits of the Earth's natural direct current (DC) energy on skin repair processes. It mainly focuses on the role of grounding in boosting the recovery of keratinocytes—the predominant cell type in the epidermis—and expediting wound healing. The study underscores the broader implications of improved circulation and sleep quality on overall skin health, hinting at grounding's multifaceted role in dermatological wellness (3).

These studies collectively suggest a promising link between earthing and improved skin health, although they also highlight the need for more comprehensive research to understand and validate these benefits fully.

These initial results offer a good look at how earthing might benefit skin health, presenting a natural and easy way to boost skin wellness. As we connect with the Earth, we engage in a wellness activity that promises to enhance skin care, inviting more research to fully integrate it into holistic health practices.



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