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Does Earthing Support Blood Pressure?

Looking into the relationship between earthing and blood pressure offers insightful perspectives on enhancing heart health through natural methods. The emerging studies present a strong case for including earthing in our daily habits to stabilize and improve blood pressure levels, advocating for a harmonious blend of traditional health practices with modern wellness strategies. This promising area of research invites us to consider how simple, earth-connected activities could be key components of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Does Earthing Support Blood Pressure?

Yes, evidence suggests earthing supports blood pressure regulation. Multiple studies showing positive effects make the rating for earthing's impact on blood pressure MODERATE due to the small scale of research groups.





  • Studies indicate the potential for reduced blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health through earthing.
  • Earthing is a simple, accessible intervention with minimal risk.


  • Despite strong indications, small participant numbers in studies call for more extensive research for universal validation.
  • More data is needed to fully understand earthing's mechanisms and long-term effects on blood pressure.

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Scientific Evidence
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The study by Chevalier et al. investigated how grounding affects cardiovascular health, precisely blood viscosity (1). Their research showed that grounding increases the electrical charge on red blood cells, reducing their tendency to clump together and significantly decreasing blood viscosity. This finding points to grounding as an accessible and impactful way to enhance cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart-related events.

A groundbreaking study by a Southern California cardiologist demonstrated that grounding, or Earthing, can significantly lower high blood pressure (2). This research, published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, involved participants with hypertension who experienced notable blood pressure improvements through regular grounding practices. This study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that reconnecting with the Earth's natural electric charge can offer a range of health benefits, including better blood pressure control.

Following similar findings, the "Grounding Patients With Hypertension Improves Blood Pressure: A Case History Series Study" also checked the effects of grounding on blood pressure management. This particular research showed hypertensive patients experiencing marked reductions in blood pressure levels after adopting grounding practices at home, offering further evidence of grounding's effectiveness as a therapeutic option for hypertension. This study is an additional call for more comprehensive research to explore grounding's full potential in blood pressure regulation (3).


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One study even highlighted the effectiveness of earthing in managing high blood pressure among pregnant women. By engaging in daily earthing practices, participants experienced notable reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, underscoring earthing's potential as a beneficial and non-invasive approach for prenatal care. This study advocates for earthing as part of a holistic lifestyle intervention to support maternal and fetal health (4).

Exploring earthing's impact on blood pressure, we uncover a simple yet powerful way to enhance heart health. These studies suggest walking barefoot on the grass could be more than just refreshing—it could be a key to better cardiovascular wellness. Using earthing mats and other grounding tools adds a modern twist to the ancient practice of connecting with the Earth.

As we piece together traditional practices with modern research, it's clear that reconnecting with the Earth offers promising benefits, including heart health.



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