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Does Grounding Help OCD?

Grounding, also known as earthing, involves connecting with the Earth's energy and has been explored as a potential adjunct treatment option for various mental health conditions.

While specific scientific studies focused on grounding for people with OCD are unavailable, grounding techniques have shown promise in improving mental health.

Let us explore the indirect effects of grounding on OCD and its role in promoting overall mental well-being.


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Does Grounding Help With OCD?

No, there is limited direct scientific evidence for grounding's direct effects on OCD. However, it may have indirect effects that can potentially help manage symptoms. 




Overall Rating: Weak

Although grounding techniques have shown promise in improving mental health, scientific studies focused on grounding for OCD are currently lacking. It's just an area that no one has studied yet.

Although grounding may indirectly alleviate some OCD symptoms through its calming effects on the nervous system and reduction of anxiety, evidence supporting the direct effects of grounding on OCD symptoms is weak.

Further research targeting grounding for OCD is necessary to establish its efficacy as a standalone treatment.



Natural Approach: Grounding offers a natural and non-invasive way to support mental health. 

Calms the Nervous System: Grounding may help regulate the nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Potential Mood Improvement: Some individuals report feeling better and experiencing a sense of peace after grounding sessions. 


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No Scientific Research: Specific studies on grounding effects on OCD are non-existent. 


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Indirect Effects of Grounding on OCD

While direct scientific studies on grounding for OCD are lacking, we can explore potential indirect effects based on the broader understanding of grounding's impact on mental health.

Grounding techniques or connecting with the earth's energy have been shown to calm the nervous system and reduce cortisol levels -- the stress hormone (1, 2). 

While these studies do not directly address OCD, the potential benefits of grounding's indirect effects on anxiety and stress reduction can be relevant for individuals with OCD symptoms.

However, more comprehensive research specific to grounding for OCD is needed to establish its efficacy as a standalone treatment.


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As an adjunct therapy, it doesn't hurt. There's just also no evidence that it helps.

It is important to consult with a licensed therapist or mental health professional to discuss grounding or other alternative approaches in the context of your specific needs and treatment plan.

Further research is warranted to explore grounding's potential benefits for OCD and to provide a more comprehensive understanding of its effects.



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